Bridging Gaps in Modern Medicine

Genprex is bridging critical gaps in modern medicine by providing new treatments to large patient populations with cancer and diabetes who currently have limited treatment options available to them or are burdened by currently available treatments.

Oncology Program

Our oncology program uses a modern combinational treatment approach to fight cancer, utilizing our lead drug candidate, REQORSA® Immunogene Therapy and our unique, proprietary, non-viral ONCOPREX® Nanoparticle Delivery System combined with approved targeted therapies and immunotherapies. This enables us to offer hope to large patient populations who would otherwise not be candidates for those therapies or who have become resistant to them.

Diabetes Program

Our diabetes gene therapy drug candidates, GPX-002 and GPX-003, use an endoscope and an adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector to deliver Pdx1 and MafA genes to the pancreas with a glucagon or an insulin promoter. In Type 1 Diabetes, the genes express proteins that transform alpha cells in the pancreas into functional beta-like cells, which can produce insulin but are distinct enough from beta cells to evade the body’s immune system. In Type 2 Diabetes, it is believed to rejuvenate and replenish diminished beta cells. We believe that GPX-002 and GPX-003 could provide Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients with new treatment options, or possibly even a cure.