Ali Askari

Manager of Supply Chain and Logistics

Ali Askari joins Genprex as Manager of Supply Chain and Logistics. In his role, Mr. Askari interfaces closely with Project Management, Clinical Operations, Quality, Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, and CMOs to lead supply chain activities.

Ali has more than 12 years of experience in supply chain and logistics, working in different domains of supply chain. At Genprex, he is responsible for the management of Supply Chain and Logistics coordination of all CMC shipments,ensuring the successful delivery of cGMP materials including drug substance, drug product, clinical supply chain, and in-process production materials. He also oversees inbound and outbound shipping for various domestic and global vendors, tracks shipments and manages asset inventory at all CDMOs, CMOs, CROs, and other suppliers and drives supply chain strategy.

Prior to joining Genprex, Ali worked at Quotient Sciences LLC, where he was responsible for planning and implementing supply strategies, evaluating delivery performance indicators, training, and building an effective Supply Chain Management team. Additionally, he was responsible for preventing delivery
disruptions and identifying bottlenecks in the process. He worked with various shipping partners to
manage cold chain and temperature-controlled shipments and collaborated closely with suppliers to
ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries. He has experience in participating in FDA audits and
working with enterprise systems such as ERP and MRP. Ali earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.