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Partners & Collaborators

We are forming commercial partnerships for worldwide development and marketing of our products and technology applications. Our development strategies focus on combining Oncoprex® with tyrosine kinase inhibitors (PKIs) with initial work in combination with EGFR TKI inhibitory drugs, including erlotinib and gefitinib. Our research shows that the combination of Oncoprex and EGFR TKIs can be effective in EGFR wild-type (mutation negative) cancers. We believe the Oncoprex combination treatments can offer new options to patients who have not benefitted from EGFR TKI therapies due to their genomic status or who have become unresponsive to those treatments. Oncoprex therapy functions through multiple key cancer pathways to induce apoptosis, control cell-signaling and inflammation to overcome genomic limitations to “unlock” the potential of TKIs.

For more information and discussion of how our programs and technologies can enhance your company’s offerings and products in the global marketplace, please contact us.

Genprex controls an extensive intellectual property portfolio, including Oncoprex and related technologies, under exclusive license from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the National Cancer Institute.