Thermo Fisher and Brammer Bio Deal Illustrates Rapid Growth for Gene Therapy

Thermo Fisher recently announced it is buying Brammer Bio, which provides viral vector manufacturing services for gene and cell therapy companies. This acquisition is one of the many we have seen recently, as several other large pharmaceutical companies have been acquiring emerging gene and cell therapy companies with promising drug pipelines or drug approvals, including Roche’s acquisition of Spark Therapeutics, Biogen’s buying of Nightstar Therapeutics and Pfizer’s purchase of Vivet Therapeutics.

The gene therapy market is experiencing tremendous excitement, and these acquisitions strengthen the position that gene therapy is now a significant and key treatment option for patients with serious diseases or cancer. 

“Acquisitions among key ancillary service providers in the gene therapy industry, including the recent Thermo Fisher announcement, provide further validation of the industry growth expectations in the coming years,” said Genprex’s Chief Financial Officer, Ryan Confer.

The Thermo Fisher and Brammer Bio acquisition illustrates that all sectors, including manufacturing, are taking a good, hard look at the fast-evolving gene therapy market and recognizing the incredible potential gene therapy has for revolutionizing the way serious diseases and cancers are treated.

“Gene therapy is here to stay and has made its debut as a cutting-edge, pioneering therapy,” said Rodney Varner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Genprex. “These recent acquisitions prove that the incredibly fast-growing market is catching up with the demand for life-changing therapeutics for patients with unmet medical needs. The most innovative gene therapy companies will be those that can deliver promising science and breakthrough technologies.”

Genprex and its partners are forward-thinking when it comes to the growth that the gene therapy market is experiencing. Genprex’s manufacturing partner, Aldevron, recently announced its facility expansionin order to keep up with increased demand, which will enable further support for the growth envisioned for our industry. As gene therapy continues to become more recognized, we should expect that all sectors involved in the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of gene therapies will experience tremendous growth in the coming months and years.