IASLC 2019: Bringing Together Collaboration, Science and Hope for the Future

Last month, Genprex’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Julien Pham, attended the IASLC 2019 Targeted Therapies of Lung Cancer Meeting in Santa Monica, California. This meeting brought together a variety of key players working on the newest therapies for lung cancer including researchers, oncologists, physicians, patient advocacy groups and even clinical-stage companies, such as Genprex.

The four-day meeting had several fundamental takeaways, but attendees left feeling energized about the incredible work being done to improve patient outcomes for those with lung cancer.


IASLC reminded attendees about the compelling effectiveness each of us can have when we collaborate and work together. This simple takeaway is easily overlooked in the day-to-day work being done by each individual contributor, but collaboration enables us all to advance our efforts, be productive and intentional with our strategy, to learn from the latest key findings and use collective knowledge and expertise to drive the future of treatment. 


The group of attendees at IASLC are science-driven, many sharing the results of their clinical trials and research – whether successful or not. We must continue to share data, interpret research findings and use proven science to drive our efforts to fight lung cancer. Putting science at the forefront of what we do will enable us to make great strides in the advancement of treatment.

Bringing Hope

Every attendee at IASLC left the meeting feeling energized about the future. The work being done in the field brought hope to each and every group working to make a difference for those with lung cancer. This impressive group of thought-leaders are progressing treatment options and therapies in lung cancer that will have positive effects on the lives of many people.

Genprex looks forward to continuing to support IASLC and its mission to conquer lung cancer worldwide.