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Mission & Company Overview

Genprex™ is a clinical-stage gene therapy biotechnology company developing a new approach to treating cancer called immunogene therapy. Our technologies are the subject of over 30 peer reviewed publications. Our company holds a portfolio of 45 issued and 6 pending patents covering tumor suppressors, therapeutics, diagnostics, nanovesicle delivery systems, and manufacturing processes. We hold an exclusive worldwide license from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to patents covering the therapeutic use of a series of genes that have been shown in preclinical and clinical research to have cancer fighting properties.

Oncoprex™, our lead product candidate, is the subject of an ongoing Phase I/II clinical trail at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in patients with late stage non-small cell lung cancer, or NSCLC. Published preclinical data indicate that product candidates derived from our gene therapy platform may also be effective with respect to other types of cancer, including breast, head and neck, renal cell (kidney), and soft tissue cancer. We believe that our platform technologies could allow delivery of a number of cancer fighting genes, alone or in combination with other cancer therapies, to combat multiple types of cancer.